Amazon’s hugely successful affiliate program is used by thousands of organizations.  We signed up. It’s an easy way for SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW to raise money for the animals year-round.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How can I be sure STAN gets the money?

Simple - just click on any of the Amazon buttons and you will be linked to Amazon. They will know you came from SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW and the animals will benefit.  If you don’t make that simple click, the animals will get nothing.

Will I be paying the same amount for my goods?

Yes, you’ll see no difference in the price.  Amazon pays us a commission on what you spend as a thank you for sending you to their store.

How do I know SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW will get paid?

Every month Amazon sends money to thousands of web sites. They provide us with tools to see how much has been spent and how much STAN will get!

Does this change my relationship with Amazon?

Not at all.  If you have any questions about your order, they will be there to provide their normal excellent service.

And a quick message from us... thanks for shopping through SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many animals!  

Just click the image above to start!

Thank you!

Mary & Peg

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