The end of 2011 was also busy.  One of the wonderful furry family members STAN helped with was Thelma.  Thelma's beloved "Mommy" passed away unexpectedly and her family is hurting emotionally and financially. Thelma wasn't feeling well and her family couldn't bear the thought of losing her too. We are very grateful to Dr. PepperThelma's regular vet, for working with us to get Thelma the care she needed. We are glad to report she's feeling better, and can't say enough kind things about her family for being there for Thelma
Remember Chanel?  She was one of the dogs rescued from a "breeder" in Englewood.  She had chronic ear problems that had not been treated and had developed growths in her ear canals.  Ashton Animal Clinic brought in a specialist to do the needed surgery, which required removing parts of her ear.  Chanel was adopted right after surgery.

We are thrilled to report that Chanel is enjoying her fur-ever home!  She sent a picture to show us how much she enjoys hanging out in her own bed!   
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Miracle lost her battle.  With the help of Dr B at A Pet's Friend, Miracle quietly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She gave us several days of joy, and we think we were able to return the favor.  She did not have to die nameless in a county facility with people who didn't know her.  Her ashes have a proper resting place.  As part of our mission, we hope to prevent any animal from having to be put to sleep without a fair chance to live.  We look forward to many more miracles!

RIP, sweet girl, you are missed!   
John Wayne
Georgia & her babies
Johnny Cash
A happier, healthier
Samson and Mommy
Petunia is a 15 year old cat rescued by TANKS.  STAN was happy to help with her dental treatment.  Petunia has been adopted and her new loving Mom reports she is eating lots and gaining weight!  Your support makes these happy endings possible! 
Well look at you Dakin...lounging on the couch with your new sister, Sarah. Just a few months ago you were living under a shed with 5 puppies in Sarasota; homeless, hungry, flea/tick infested plus heartworm positive. So scared and worried, just trying to survive.   Then one evening, you were bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake, but you fought hard to survive that too. Today you're a happy, healthy dog, wanted, loved and quite comfortable too. With the help of so many dedicated people, you made it! You have come a long way baby....♥♥♥....we are sooooo happy for you! 

Your donations at work again ... with much thanks to Dr. B. of A Pet's Friend Animal Hospital in Venice, Super Kitty was finally doing well enough to sit on Mom's lap for the first time since December after suffering with butt issues!
Poor Pearl was being starved to death by horrible people claiming to be her owners. 
 The very awesome Officer Reannon Juergensen of Charlotte County rescued Pearl and had her treated for thyroid and knee issues. 
STAN was glad to be able to help with her life-saving efforts.
Here's why you need to bring a friend to the yard sale ... because emergencies can't be helped or controlled, and wonderful kitties like Tripper need our help. Tripper may have died without the emergency treatment he received with Terri and the great folks at Animal ER of University Park
STAN was glad to help!
Little Peanut visited Dr. B at       A Pet's Friend Animal Hospital in April to have his injured leg treated. 
STAN was happy to help with Peanut's expenses and we wish him a long and happy life :)
Mugsy needed emergency surgery for Gastric Dilatation Volvulus  (bloat) with a splenectomy.  Thanks to Animal ER of University Park’s Compassionate Care Fund and STAN, his bill was taken care of and Mugsy is on the road to recovery.

Blinkin was rescued by Ewenity Farms Border Collie Haven and admitted to the ER in Sarasota where it was determined he had Parvo.  STAN was more than happy to help with his expenses and he is now with a vet in Tampa and doing well.

Buddy was suffering from Hyperkeratosis (a paw and nail   disorder)  and needed surgery on his feet.  STAN was more than happy to help with his bill and he is back to digging holes and enjoying the good life with his new mom!

Jade is a young pit mix who was found with a never-ending horrible discharge from her mouth.  She had an extremely bad infection, which, with her rescuer and STAN’s help, was treated and she is now a healthy, happy, growing, silly puppy!

Hanna was in the Animal ER of University Park one weekend for emergency treatment.  With help from their Compassionate Care Fund, together with assistance from STAN, her bill was taken care of and she’s improving nicely.

Zoie was rescued by TANKS, who quickly found out she was very ill.  Thanks to your donations, STAN was able to pay for her blood work which confirmed that she had a hyperthyroid condition.  With proper meds and lots of TLC, Zoie is improving every day.

Little Tiger Lily was only 10 weeks old and  barely surviving when she was taken in by Trust Again Pet Shelter.  Her condition continued to deteriorate at the vet’s until they found that she had 14+ bladder stones which were successfully removed; she is now doing well.  The vet said he had never seen such a thing in his 50 years of practice.  Thanks to your donations and support, STAN was able to help with the cost of Tiger Lily’s surgery.

JR (a boxer mix puppy) was in terrible condition when he was rescued...scrawny and scared with a terrible skin    condition.  He is now safe with Second Chance Boxer Rescue and is improving every day.  JR will soon be looking for his “fur-ever” home.  STAN was happy to help with his recovery.

Shandy is a 12-year-old Westie girl who's owner passed away. Shandy was "dumped" by the gentleman's son at a local dog groomer where she stayed for 3 months, suffering thru a bladder infection.  Shandy was rescued from this situation, but is currently suffering from an MRSA skin and intestinal infection; STAN is glad to be able to help with her expenses.  At 12 years old, Shandy should have many happy years ahead.
   Circles desperately needed a rescue to give him some help. The alleged victim of domestic abuse, Circles’ back, tail, hip and knee were damaged and he could not walk. Second Chance Boxer Rescue took him when nobody else would step up due to his severe injuries.  With help from many individuals, including STANCircles is now in rehab in New Orleans where he is learning to walk and run again.  
Hi, this is Webster….I am one very happy Yorkie thanks to the wonderful people at STAN.

I wasn’t feeling so great and my Mom and I didn’t know what to do.  The wonderful people at STAN helped me and Mom out.  I was able to go to Dr. Pepper (yep...I’m a Pepper!  BOL “bark out loud”) and he fixed me up.

Mom told me that I still have to go back get some more of my “big belly” fluid removed….but I’m ok with that.  Kind of like doggie liposuction...but I feel so much better after and can run and play again.

Mom and I both think STAN is great and we will tell all our friends to donate to STAN to help other furry friends like me!


Thank y


Thank you  so much for caring for Chickie. I found him in front of Walgreens late one nite. He was only 5 or 6 weeks old! 

And when he got bitten I could not figure out what to do. He was in so much pain and Dr. Gary saved him! 

He is doing great. He is a lovable kitty and I just am so happy to have my little Chickie to love and pet!. My pictures come out lousy. 

Again, thank you!
Buster Brown and his little pal Bill are a "bonded pair".  They were found wandering around rural Hillsborough County and were rescued.  

Bill had heartworms that needed to be treated and poor Buster Brown has bad knee problems (all of his cartilage around his back knees is completely worn away) and also had a few tumors to remove.  

STAN was happy to help contribute towards the cost of their care; they are together and recovering with a foster family.   

Cat Tales


   Also, during the past few months, STAN helped with other kitties who seem to be too camera shy to send us a picture:
  • ZOOKA who had a respiratory infection – doing well
  • NEMO who had upper respiratory infection – doing well
  • MAMA who had an injury-caused infection – doing well
   Last but certainly not least was a badly injured kitty with no name who was unable to be saved after three days of trying.
   In addition to helping these kitties,  and thanks to Mary’s neighbor Walt’s building skills, in cooperation with material donations from Home Depot, we were able to provide a nice outdoor feral cat transition house to TANKS (Tending Abandoned Needy Kats). This fully enclosed outdoor facility will allow their new rescues an opportunity to safely get to know everyone before being brought into the home environment.
   Before Buster’s owner passed away, a kind friend and neighbor promised to take care of Buster and his sibling. 
 When Buster arrived, he had a large wound on his side.
 STAN was very willing to help his new dad get this injury repaired so he could settle in to his new home and new life where he is doing well.
   Scooter Bug is a 2-1/2 year old Yellow Bellied Slider who contracted a bacterial infection causing his shell to soften and split.
   STAN was happy to help with his vet bill and we wish him a “speedy” recovery.
 Tippy was suffering from a severe bladder infection when she was rescued by TANKS and STAN was asked to help with her vet treatment. 
  In spite of everyone’s best efforts, we are sorry to report that Tippy could not overcome the infection and passed away in the care of her rescuers.

  TC (Tilting Cat) was rescued by TANKS. He seemed to have a neurological problem and his head tilted quite severely to one side.        STAN was asked to assist with his care and we were glad to help. 
  At last report, TC's head still tilts but he is otherwise doing fine.

     Meet Tank, the puppy with a broken femur. Dr. Kirsch did surgery on him to fix the leg.  STAN was happy to help with the medical bills and we’re pleased to report Tank is healing nicely and doing well.
     Sophie needed surgery for some large  growths on her stomach. 
   STAN, Dr. LogasFairy Tale Endingsand Animal Network, Inc. all contributed to her surgery.  
   The growths were determined to be Mammary Gland Hyperplasia and Sophie is recovering nicely.  
     Faith was saved from a rural Florida shelter in pretty rough shape - very weak and thin.  STAN was glad to contribute to the costs associated with her recovery.  Faith is gaining weight and will soon be ready for all her vaccinations and spaying.  She is a sweet dog who deserves a loving forever home.

   Boots had a cancer mass on one kidney. The diseased kidney was removed in the hope that she could survive with one kidney.
   Sadly Boots died soon after the surgery was completed.
   Tina, a Maine coon, had a UTI, was treated with antibiotics, and is now on the road to recovery.  She will soon to be available for adoption at TANKS Rescue.
   Squeak was taken to Animal ER of University Park where he was treated for a diabetic crisis. 
   STAN was called in to help with his bill.
   Dino was hit by a car and fractured his leg. 
   Dr. Nancy Gearhardt of Kindness Animal Clinic made the necessary repairs and STAN helped with his surgery expenses.
   Charcoal got caught in a nasty trap, had two leg surgeries,  and is now living happily inside with his finder person.
Dear STAN:
     I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and your compassion!
     My Harrison is so happy to be free of the cyst and the painful matted fur. He is purring for the first time in a long time!
     Thank you for everything. I don't know how I will ever be able to express all my gratitude, but hopefully you know that your support means a lot to me and Harrison!
Meet Lars (Siamese) and Sebastian (white kitty).   hey were rescued by TANKS,Inc and found themselves in need of some dental care. STAN was happy to help with their dental bills and now Lars and Sebastian are smiling pretty!

Lars is a permanent resident of TANKS, Inc - he fosters all the newbies to the rescue!

   Silver is one of those "happy ending" stories we could write a book about, but, in short:  He was rescued by a wonderful lady who discovered a tumor on his hoof.  Removal would require expensive surgery and extensive rehab; she started a fundraiser for Silver.
   While STAN was happy to help, we couldn't begin to tackle such a big project on our own. 
    A good friend stepped in and called her vet,  Dr. Phillip Hammock of Tennessee.  He came to Florida to examine Silver and set up a plan of attack to fix the hoof.                  Fortunately, the adopter was a Vet Tech who had the ability and took the time to soak his hoof hours a day prepping it for eventual surgery.  
   Dr. Hammock returned to Florida and performed the surgery at almost no cost so there would be enough donations left to help with the rehab and necessary medicines.
   Amelia was rescued by Cloud Nine Animal Rescue.  She was treated by Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital and is now feeling well.
   Skye was having some health problems so it was off to Veterinary Associates of Jacaranda to visit Dr. Gary.  After an exam and some antibiotics, Skye is feeling much better!
   Andy was hit by a car and required major leg surgery.  Dr. Pepper at Fruitville Veterinary Clinic fixed his leg and Andy is continuing his recovery.
   Angel was attacked and severely injured at a dog park and was treated at  Animal ER of University Park.
   Sierra was suffering from a severe skin disorder which needed immediate treatment.  STAN was asked by Dr. Nancy at Kindness Veterinary Clinic to assist with the treatment and we were glad to be able to help.  Sierra will also need the visible tumor removed in the near future.
   Gianni needed his eye removed.  Dr. Nancy at Kindness Veterinary Clinic performed the surgery.  STAN and Animal Network joined forces to help pay for his surgery.
   Gibson was rescued by Second Chance Boxer Rescue.  He had some molars broken off and the roots needed to be removed to relieve his  mouth pain.  Dr. Peak,  The Pet Dentist, performed the procedure which went very well.
   Feather arrived at Animal ER of University Park with some stomach problems.  He was treated and is recovering.
   Pepper needed a major dental with Dr. Gary took care of at Veterinary Associates of Jacaranda.
   Maxwell arrived at Animal ER of University Park with a fever of unknown origin, diarrhea, and nausea.  The doctors fixed him up and he is feeling much better.
   Ozzy was rescued by Cloud Nine Animal Rescue.  He needed prostate surgery which was performed at All Creatures Animal Clinic of Lakeland.
   Peanut was rescued by A Forever Home Animal Rescue.  He had a badly damaged leg and had been limping for years due to bone grinding on bone where the femur head had disintegrated
   Trust Again Pet Shelter (TAPS) rescued Lilly and STAN was more than happy to help with her much needed mastectomy. 
   Thank you once again for helping this poor, sweet girl Lilly with her mastectomy.  She has been a breeding dog all her life.  The tumor had been unchecked for quite some time; it did have a very large vein feeding the mass.  Today she is still a little woozy, but has kisses and wags to give.  Thank you.
   Magee was rescued by Cloud Nine Animal Rescue.  After a couple visits to Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital and some antibiotics, he is doing well.
   Rosie found herself at Animal ER of University Park with a seizure.
   Princess is a little feral kitten who was injured by a larger animal.  Some nice people found her and Dr. Nancy at Kindness Animal Clinic patched her up and she has a forever home with the family who found her.